Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

medela-freestyle-breast-pumpMedela Freestyle Breast Pump (discount link) is the future of breast pumps. Using this pump has made is so easy for me to do housework, feed my other little ones, and even be a passenger in the vehicle. The cost of this item may shock you, but try to put it on a registry and you may luck out! You will be saving over $800 with breastfeeding, so in time, it will pay for itself.

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With this pump, you need to establish a good milk supply. When exploring the idea of breastfeeding, many mothers worry about making enough milk for their little one. Personally, I have not had that problem. Instead, I feel like I can feed the world! Many mothers feel this way, and it makes it very difficult to keep up with life when you always seem to be feeding or pumping. With the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump I finally get to be able to do my normal tasks. I can fold laundry and play with my baby while pumping my extra milk. My little one does not mind that I pump by him. I like the ability to be disconnected from the wall while being comfortable at the same time.


When searching for a pump soon after my little one was born, I was not sure how to start. The day I was engorged, I knew my milk supply was not going to be a problem. This was not up for a debate with my husband on the cost because this was the need for my baby and I. This pump is worth every penny and my girlfriends now wish they had purchased the same one.

Double the Fun

With this hands-free pump you can also reap the benefit of double pumping. For those who need to pump often, pumping double time is going to save you time! As mothers, pumping can be boring and cumbersome. I know mothers who do not have the freestyle pump who need a cell phone or computer in front of them just to get through the agonizing fifteen minutes of pumping. Not me, I can be done in fifteen minutes with pumping and reading a few stories to my little man!


This pump is very portable. It is lightweight and all my accessories fit inside nicely. I am recently pleased with this Medela Freestyle Breast Pump when my family and I went on vacation and the pump was, of course, included in the luggage. My husband and I laugh at how much the pump as also become a member of our little family. We cannot go anywhere without it, even dates! Those mothers who have experienced clogged ducts due to overproduction know what I mean!

Purchasing this pump has made the life of breastfeeding easier than I could have ever imagined. I love feeding my baby my milk! It is a miracle that our bodies grow little humans and continue to feed little humans until we do not want them to anymore. Let the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump help you make your baby a true organic eater!

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