Medela Breast Pump Reviews

medela-logoMedela is a known supplier in hospitals across the United States. Many hospitals contract with Medela for their patient’s pumping needs. Medela has a few pumps to offer breastfeeding women and each have their own benefits. Overall, Medela is a trusted brand for whichever pump you choose. As a nurse in labor and delivery, this is the product I recommend for mothers over other brands; only because it is the brand I personally have the most experience with. The following are some of my Medela breast pump reviews. Enjoy!


The Medela Freestyle breast pump is the future of pumping. No other brand offers an electric pump quite like this. The management of overproduction, the easy portability, and the double pumping feature are my favorites features of this pump.

Most mothers are busy and breastfeeding keeps mom stuck feeding for usually about a half hour every two to three hours. Then, some mothers have to pump afterwards. Basically, as a new mother you are breastfeeding and pumping an hour out of every three, this does not leave much room for anything else. The cool feature of this pump is the hands free mode. Just hook it up and go. This gives mom a little more time to fold laundry, pay bills, or even go on to your favorite website or forum for a few minutes.


Another pump that Medela has is the Personal Double Pump. This pump, too, has many attractive features. Some of the features I enjoy the most is the easy set and clean up, two phase expression, and the insulated cooler.

I like the easy set up of this pump. it also comes apart easily for cleaning to ensure no bacteria or mold builds up in the plastic parts. The Medela Advanced Personal Double pump provides 2-Phase Expression technology as well. This technology maximizes milk production and comfort fits to mom! There is a small button too that lets me switch between let down phase, or stimulation phase, and expression. I like that feature because everyone is different and th let down time is different for every woman. And, the last feature that I enjoyed a lot with the Medela Personal Double Pump is the cute cooler is comes with. It holds milk for two to three hours without having to worry about it getting spoiled.


Other pumps that Medela sell are the Swing pump which is the single electric pump and the manual pump. Both are also very good pumps.

When it comes to cost, the breakdown is as followed:
Manual Pump $30
Swing Single Electric Breast Pump – $150
Pump in Style Advanced $260
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump – $330

When choosing a pump for longevity, spend the money to give you the pump you will stick with and you will be able to use it as long as your baby breastfeeds. Those mothers who do not know if they are going to breastfeed or not should start with a manual pump and maybe upgrade later on. Breastfeeding is not for everyone, but is encouraged even if you choose to pump then feed your baby a bottle.

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