Medela Advanced Personal Double Breast Pump Review

medela-double-electricI chose the Medela Advanced Personal Double pump (discount link) because Medela is known for their breastpumping products. I had to rent a pump when my son was in the neonatal intensive care unit, the hospital gave me a Medela and I was sold. The pump I rented was able to help my son eat and come home from the neonatal intensive care unit faster. My lacation consultant at the hospital recommended Medela as well.  Prices on breastpumps can vary, so I chose this based on what I knew. My lacation consultant was taught on Medela pumps as well, another selling point for me because she is a professional.

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Easy Set Up and Clean Up

After being used to the pump the hospital let me rent, this pump was a breeze to set up. If I wasn’t given the rental, I probably would have looked silly trying to figure it out on my own. This pump comes with an easy read manual that has many pictures to help with the aid of setting up the pump, so do not worry. It is very easy, though, once you have done it once. Though, due to condensation build up, you make want to order extra tubing. There is a way to clean it if you do not feel the urge to spend extra money at this time.

2-Phase Expression

The Medela Advanced Personal Double pump provides 2-Phase Expression technology. This technology has proven maximum milk, maximum comfort, and therefore happy babies and mothers! I like the button that lets me switch between let down phase, or stimulation phase, and expression. I think every mother is different so the choice to easily switch over let down to expression makes pumping sessions faster or slower as needed. Stimulation phase is when the baby sucks lightly to start the milk flow. The expression phase is when baby does a slower, deep, gulping type of suck to bring in more milk, faster. I can also control the suction. In the beginning of pumping, I remember I needed to start slow and easy, now that my son is eight months old, the suction is turned up high, in the beginning I could have cried if it started that way!

Insulated Cooler

I have two children, one being my baby and one being a five year old. My five year old enjoys going places to play. This pump is nice because I can store my pumped milk for two to three hours knowing it is safe from the sun and heat, therefore keeping it fresh for my little one. I have also appreciated this feature during family events and I had to pump in a back room. No one feels comfortable putting their milk in someone’s fridge, so this saved me from having to ask. We have also used it when we went on vacation and had to store the little one’s milk until we made it to our destination and put it in the fridge there.

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