Manual Breast Pump Reviews

lanisoh-manual-pumpManual pumps are great for the occasional pumping mother. That being said, you still want a pump that is comfortable to your breast and your hand for pumping. There are many reasons to get a manual pump and reasons not to. If you are unsure if breast pumping is right for you, start with a manual pump to save money, you can always upgrade later on.

There are reasons you may consider a manual pump versus an electric pump. Most women think cost first. Beyond that it is easy to do, easy to tote around, and available at many drug stores! The manual breast pumps were the first breast pumps invented for mothers to feed their babies.


Considering Breastfeeding itself may be a reason to save money. Feeding your baby your milk is the most organic and safe thing you can do for your baby. Formula can cost from $800 to $1000 a year. Choosing a manual pump can also save you money. Manual pumps tend to be hundreds, yes hundreds, less than electric pumps. This is because you have to do the work and it becomes very time consuming. Most manual pumps cost about $30. These pumps normally come with everything you need to get started which is nice because you do not have to purchase any more accessories.


The ease of the work of the pump is a benefit. It is not hard to do, but it does keep your hand occupied for at least fifteen minutes a breast. If you are thinking to pump then feed your baby all the time, hopefully you have the time. If you manually pump every three hours for thirty minutes total, then feed your little one, you may be spending one hour out of every 2 to 3 hours just feeding.


Manual pumps are very light. This makes it very easy to be transported to work, the gym, or anywhere you may need to go. I have seen many women pumping at the gym because when you workout your body produces more milk. Most mothers are very discrete too when manually pumping because they do not produce the noise like an electric pump.

Easy to Find

These pumps are very easy to find in stores. Many electric pumps are hard to find unless you go to a large store or shop online. A lot of mothers purchase a manual pump on a whim because they have run into over production or engorgement. Hopefully, this will not be an issue for you, but it is nice to know that pumps are accessible if needed immediately. All pump companies have websites too that you can order more supplies if needed online.

There are reasons too not to buy a manual pump. Those may include time consuming and less milk production. You have to choose what benefits you want from a pump before looking at the many pumps on the market.

Time Consuming

Again, using this pump you can only pump one breast at a time. This makes it very time consuming because you have to pump every three hours to maintain a good milk supply for your baby. If your heart is into it though, time will not be an issue.

Less Milk

Due to hand cramping or distraction pumping manually may result in less milk than an electric pump. Pumping becomes boring at times. Mothers may quit earlier than fifteen minutes because she has things to do, or is bored. Consistently doing this will decrease your milk supply because breastfeeding works off of the body’s supply and demand needs.

It is shocking to me to hear that breast pumps are a fairly new invention. Those mothers who struggle with engorgement, blocked milk ducts, and pain had no choice years ago. Now, women have the hardest time choosing a pump, which is a much better problem in my opinion.

Lansinoh and Medela both have pumps that are $30. Both have great benefits and are the same in use. Both brands are trusted for many years for mothers whom breastfeed and need support.

Making the decision to give your baby breast milk is going to benefit him or her for the rest of their lives. It is hard to decide on a pump but most stay at home mothers or those mothers who do not need to pump often benefit greatly from the manual pumps. When choosing a pump, think about why you need one before becoming overwhelmed with the decisions of choosing.

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