Lansinoh Manual Beast Pump Review

lanisoh-manual-pumpLansinoh is a brand many women have heard of and trust due to their many products for the breastfeeding mother. The Lansinoh manual pump is another product from Lansinoh that is not a let down. This pump comes with many rewarding features. Manual pumps are great for the stay at home mother who does not need to pump as often as a working mother.

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Many Accessories

Lansinoh manual pump comes with many accessories from BPA-free bottles, stand, lids, brush cleaner and all pump parts. This is a great deal for all the products you get. No need to go to the store to purchase more parts for the pump.


When I first started pumping, I wasn’t sure what to expect. With this pump, all I found was comfort. The ComfortSeal technology makes it suction just right for the optimal amount of milk for me. It resembles the feel of the baby eating. I could easily use this pump with one hand without developing a cramp in my hand at all. I have used this in the middle of the night when I can barely keep my eyes open and my husband did not even notice I was pumping.


I am able to fit this pump into my purse if I need to and I am not weighed down. I think this is a great product to use when I am running to the gym and I notice that I feel engorged after my workout. I am able to use this at the gym in the locker room without a bunch of women staring at me because they hear a loud electric pump rumbling. It is so discrete I can sit to pump and no one turns their head at all. I have used this in the car when we were on a road trip as well. No need to stop at a rest area so I can find an outlet to plug it into.

Easy Assembly

I did not have to have five college degrees to figure out how to put it together. The pump is so easy to figure out, my three year old could do it. The pump is very easy to clean as well. It takes literally seconds to take a part and put back together for quick pumping whenever, wherever. It is a nice system because I can pump into any standard size bottle. This is important if you have a baby who is not picky about the bottle. When my son was older this feature was great. When he was small, he was a picky bottle feeder so he could not use standard bottles.

Bottle stand

I like the bottle stand that comes with this pump because I tend to have to get up quickly after pumping. Most mothers know it takes ten to fifteen minutes to pump. When you have other little ones at home, that is precious time, especially when you have to pump multiple times day. The bottle stand makes it easy for me to get my little one if I hear him crying and not spill my milk. Those breastfeeding mothers know the emotional pain that is felt if you lose milk!

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