Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump Review

lansinoh-double-electricThe Lansinoh Double Electric Pump (discount link) was a good choice for me for my pumping needs. Lansinoh are the bags I store my sons milk in, so I thought, I will try this brand. It is so hard to pick the best pump for a first time mom. I, like you, did a google search hoping to find some guidance. I chose Lansinoh and have been very happy.

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BPA free

Recently I have heard about all the bad effects of BPA. BPA is a chemical that duplicates particular horomoes and spreads them out, in a bad way. It is linked to a lot of different cancers and may explain early puberty. This is something I did not want in my baby’s bottles, cups, or anywhere if possible. He only deserves the best. The Lansinoh double electric pump is bpa free! I know my baby is safe with this pump.

Comfort Fit Flanges

This was an important feature for me because I know I am built different than anyone else. We are unique human beings, so our bodies will fit into breast pump parts differently. I know my anatomy is pretty normal, so these were nice to have to fit perfect. I have read, too, that without a good seal and a good fit, you will not be able to get your maximum amount of milk. I would not want to worry about not having enough milk for my son!

Battery Operated

I like the option to change from the AC adapter to the battery mode. It can be very difficult in the middle of the night to wake up , plug my pump in, and pump without falling asleep! I actually have brought the pump into bed and pumped on the battery mode. My husband laughs and calls our pump our son’s twin! To be honest though, this has saved me many time of feeling engorged.

Good Suction

As a breastfeeding mother, it is important that my pump has a good suction. The Lansinoh Double Electric Pump does very well at this. I wish the speed was a little quicker then slowed down to start my letdown, but it is good at starting a good milk flow. As a first time breastfeeding mother, hooking this pump up the first time was very simple! I bring it easily to work with me and in public a few times.

Bad Speed

For letdown to start, my baby suckles very quickly then slows down when the milk flow starts. This pump does not act this way. This pump is good because it lets me control the speed, but I wish it started out a little differently. Still, though, a very good pump for the price! I would recommend it to anyone who will be pumping or breastfeeding. I recommend it for those who think they will strictly breastfeeding. That is great, if you can, but in reality, you still may feel full and need to pump after nursing sessions. It is good investment and will last through children! I hope you have enjoyed this Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump Review.

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