Electric Breast Pump Reviews

ameda-purely-yoursElectric breast pumps are great for the mothers who need to pump frequently due to issues with engorgement or over production. The mother who needs to pump when she goes back to work or that needs to pump daily is a good candidate for the electric pump. There are many reasons to purchase an electric pump.

Reasons you may have to get an electric pump versus a manual is if during the first few weeks after birth, the baby is not nursing enough to build up your supply, then doctor or lactation consultant may recommend an electric pump. If your baby is admitted to a NICU, an electric pump may be used to start the stimulation of your milk glands to start your supply.

Choosing a pump is very difficult for many mothers. Think about what needs you want in a pump before pricing out pumps. Of course the pump with every feature will be the most expensive. That is why making a list of what is important to you will make the decision a lot better.

Fast pumping time

When working mothers need to pump many employers provide the luxury to pump, but they do not want their employee pumping more than working. Many mothers do not want to be away from their work for too long as well. Electric pumping produces more milk, more quickly than a manual pump. This makes businesses very happy and mothers do not feel as if they are wasting time pumping all day. Also, you can eat lunch and pump at the same time with the hands free features.


Electric pumps come in a nice case that usually comes with a cooler for your milk and little bottles to pump into. Many people will wonder what you are carrying because the pumps are discrete in the cute tote they come with. Some come with extra pockets for storage as well.

Adjustable Suction

Many women, especially in the beginning of breastfeeding, experience nipple pain. When pumping, most electric pumps have a suction adjust so that it is not causing you more pain than you want. Manual pumps do not have this feature. They only have one setting, you. Some models mimic the baby’s suckling patterns, this includes fast little suckles, and then a slow more drawn out suckle which produces the letdown and expression of milk. The letdown is when the milk is starting to be expressed. Expression is the term when the milk is flowing, usually about three to four ounces in fifteen minutes.

Multitasking and Accomplishing More

When using a double electric pump, you can be done pumping in a total of fifteen minutes, plus milk storage time. This gives you the freedom to get back to your baby sooner. Also, you can purchase a handfree pump or bra which makes searching the Internet or making a phone call easy. Talk about being able to multitask!

There are some cons to an electric pump too. Cost being the main concern for many middle class families. Another con is the need for electricity when you want to use your pump.

Need Electricity

It is difficult with an electric pump if you are on a road trip, airplane, or in an area with no electricity. Some models come with a battery option, but if you know electricity may be a problem and you have $30, a manual pump may be beneficial.


Electric pumps are definitely more costly than a manual pump. A double electric pump will be more than a single electric, but in my opinion, it will pay off in due time. The breakdown is as followed:
Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump – $120
Ameda Purely Yours Breast pump $179.43
Ameda Purely Yours Breast pump Ultra $249.99
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump – $330

Obviously the Medela Freestyle is going to be the pump with all features. If cost is an issue, check with your insurance company because many health insurances are offering electric breast pumps for new mothers. This is because there is an initiative for all babies to be breastfed. Many hospitals are adopting this philosophy as well! These pumps are all the same in the option of electricity. Some pumps offer battery options, different flanges, different accessories, hands free options, adjustable suctioning, and adjustable letdown options. Remember, whatever is right for you is the pump you will learn to love. Do not skimp out on features that you love because you may regret it later on.

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