Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Review

ameda-purely-yoursThe Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump (discount link) is a unique pump in many aspects. The four features I liked the most were the portability of this pump, how the milk maintains cleanliness, the cooler that keeps milk cold for up to ten hours, custom settings control, and the different flange fittings.

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 On The Go

I really like this pump because it is truly meant for busy moms. It does not matter if you need to pump at work, at a friend’s house, or even in the car, Ameda has you covered! It comes with a portable car outlet plug and you can use batteries so you do not have to buy any extra accessory! This portable package is not found with other brands.

Dual HygieniKit

The reason most women breastfeed is to give the best possible nutrients to their little one. The HygieniKit milk collection system gives the best possible pumped milk to your baby. Leaving your milk free of viruses and bacteria that can build up in the tubing and motor of other pumps. This is very nice too when you are on the go and need something to pump into quickly because this can go into any bottle or breast milk bag! I like that it has the bottle holders as well so that you cannot accidentally spill milk. As a nursing mother, you work so hard for the milk. Many women have shed many tears over spilled milk.

A “Cool” Cooler

This pump come equipped with a neat cooler that holds six bottles for ten hours! This is a very good idea when you work! Never have I heard an employee say they liked their lunch next to a coworker’s breastmilk. It is disgusting to the normal public because it is a bodily fluid, having your own cooler keeps you out of the workspace gossip and your milk fresh!

Controlling It Yourself

It is your body, you should be able to control the milk expression suction. Every baby is different, this pump lets you have the freedom of pushing the button and turning the dial for slow versus fast pumping speed and the suction strength, just like your baby. However you are able to get milk is the way you set it. If that means you get more milk on a low suction high-speed setting, set it that way!

Good Flange Fit

It is important to have a good flange when using a pump. Without a good flange, you will not get your maximum milk supply. Instead, you may get clogged milk ducts or engorgement even after pumping. This could be very painful. Ameda knows that all women are anatomically different and therefore the pump comes with different flange sizes because with breastfeeding, no one is made equal.

This is a good priced pump for the working mother. It is hard going back to work, you do not need it to be more difficult because you do not have a pump. Choosing this pump will keep you and your baby very satisfied.

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